Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oh My!!! It's December Already!!!! WOW!!!!

WOW!!!! I can't believe it's December already!!! Gosh!!! I've been super busy lately!!! well.....I have 2 seconds, 3 Fourths, 1 eighth, and 1 fifth in all these SoapBox Derby races!!!
I had a performance of the song "Route 66" and I was so nervous, my voice shook. I saw "The Lion King" that was traveling Broadway performance and I got a new bed!!! The bed is soooooo cool!!!! It's my first box spring in, like, five years!! I had a great sleep last night! My grandparents are coming down tomorrow. I don't want much for Christmas, just a camera, a few video games, and a few subscriptions to magazines. I've been playing Aly and AJ's Christmas CD, "Acoustic Hearts Of Winter" like crazy!!!! At my church, we have the "Advent Angels" thing and our "Angels sent us pizza for supper tonight. My mom still hasen't gotten my guitar set up, so I can't play or it would sound horrible. Whenever I want to play, I have to play Dyl's and he gets REALLY mad at me because I sing when I play (I only know my FAVORITE Jonas Brothers' song, "Time For Me To Fly") and I can't sing in his room. I'm working on my first book, called "I Hate Everything." I'm on Chapter 3. I'm on my second "Hannah Montana" script. I lost my original song book, but I recorded all the songs (singing and guitar) and now I have to sit down and listen to it. I cringe at the thought. I was horrible, but I got a little better.

YoU kNoW lOvE mE!!!!


Friday, October 20, 2006


Here is a picture of my dad, my brother, and of course, me!!! this was a picture from our camping trip. We went for a Halloween camping trip! I am soooooo sorry it took me so long to blog again, but we were soo busy doing school (and fighting over how hard algebra is) all week. I am FINALLY done with this week's work!! We have a race tomorrow so wish us luck!!! Hopefully I can finish my song "Curiosity" then. Dyl might not race. So if you wanna know why, you'll hafta read his blog. I got so cold camping, that I ended getting up a 5:30 and sitting by the fire!! Monday I'll try to post the results for y'all.

YoU kNoW yOu LoVe mE!!!!!!