Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Ideas!

So I have a few awesome ideas for my blog.

I have this weird obession with Smoothies.
So each week, I'll post a recipie for a new smoothie.
I make my own btw.

And it's gonna be a sidebar-type thing.

The next new idea is a Band-Of-The-Month.

I have an obsession with a band everymonth. So each week, I'll post my song that I love from this band.

February starts tomorrow. I love Family Force 5! CHECK THESE BANDS OUT TOO!!

-The Spill Canvas
-Tokyo Police Club
-Automatic Loveletter
-The Rocket Summer
-Hawthorn Heights
-The Matches
-The Almost
-Fighting With Wire
-Friday Night Boys
-Sing It Loud
-There For Tomorrow
-Bring Me the Horizon
-Every Avenue
-Mayday Parade
-Angels and Airwaves
-Attack Attack!
-A Kiss for Jersey
-Walls Of Jerico
-Death Cab For Cutie
-Cute Is What We Aim For
-A Skylit Drive
-This Providence
-The Rocket Summer
-Forever The Sickest Kids
-The Cab
-Between The Trees
-Hit the Lights
-The Summer Set
-Phone Calls From Home
-Minestry of Love
-Goodnight Sunrise
-Artist vs. Poet
-Transmit Now
-The Goodnight Anthem
-Sky Eats Airplane
-Sky Tells all
-Danger Radio
-Phantom Planet
-Pathway To Providence
-Mark Rose
-Dear Noel
-Archie Star
-Shiny Toy Guns
-The Years Gone By
-The Morning Light.

I'll Probablly post some more new bands each month too!

Keep in mind, some of these bands are unsigned.

So I have some amazing news!


Right now we're working on getting a drummer and bassist...the most uncommon instruments. FUNN!

We're gonna figure out a name this upcoming weekend and who's playing what. ha! so this is gonna be funn! :D


Sunday, January 25, 2009

I hate the title part...i never know what to!

I don't even know what to post! ah ha
I've been doing a lot of school lately... ugh! sooo boring!
So i wrote a few new songs...they're pretty good.
I'm actually planning EPs and LPs for later...deciding which songs I'll put out when. Keeps me busy and happy.
I've gotten a few new CDs. Folie a Deux is amazing. I also love Family Force 5, Business up front, party in the back. and dance or die. good band. lol. the maine can't stop, won't stop is also awesome.
derbys been good...i got 2 4ths at the last race...pretty good.
I havent worked much on my stories... my jumpdriveS arent working pretty mad about that.
i got some kickin' headphones at wal-mart for $20. love them! lol
uhmm... my bff next door moved on monday, so now i rly have no one close. not fun. I'm almost done with my english semester. then i can dye my hair purple! (:
I love my phone, but i dropped it at derby and cracked the screen...oops! its okay tho...tiny crack. nbd.
i'm stoked for the new Red Jumpsuit Apparatus CD and the VersaEmerge Ep!!!
I just got the new AP magazine with All Time Low on the cover! YESSS!!! lol it has Soul Glow Activatour (did i spell his name right?) from Family Force 5 in it! WHOOO!!!!i love AP! lol...too bad I can't go to the AP tour concert....FF5, the maine, hit the lights...oooh so awesome! but no. theyre coming on a derby day. But I can go to the Fall Out Boy one with Hey monday, ATL, Cobra and metro station! WHOOO!!! it's like the believers never die part duex or something?
So today i had to read at church. I had the second reading and my friend had the first - extremly long btw. so i had this short one and she had a long one...i had to do the prayers as well as carry the book up...whoo! long day.
Well my mom wants me to do school now... so byes!

Friday, January 02, 2009

15 Things About 2008/Happy New Year!/ 100th Post

So I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to do for my 100th post. And I was watching the MTV's new year show (I DVRed it) and then it hit me. I should do a list.

but not just any list! A list of 15 things...many 15 things. Because Last year was my 15th year on Earth.

So Here's a special "Looking Back" Post. And its a fun treat for my 100th post. BTW these are all in my opinion...don't hate me because of something.

The 15 Best Songs Of 2008:

1) I Caught Myself by Paramore
2) Decode by Paramore
3) Hurrican Streets by Hey Monday
4) The Authors by VersaEmerge
5) Crowded Room by The Academy Is...
6) Gives You Hell by All-American Rejects
7) That Green Gentleman by Panic At The Disco
8) 6 Months by Hey Monday
9) Santa Stole My Girlfriend by The Maine (haha its such a funny song!)
10) What A Catch, Donnie by Fall Out Boy
11) Winter Passing by The Academy Is...
12) Beware! Cougar! by The Academy Is...
13) You found My by The Fray
14) Hot n Cold by Katy Perry
15) Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade
(and the runner up is Love Song by Sara Barrallis)

15 Worst Songs of 2008:

1) Lollipop by Lil' Wayne
2) Lovelock down by Kayne West
3) Love in This Club by Usher
4) Just Dance by Lady GaGa
5) Heartless by Kayne West
6) Circus by Britney Spears
7) If I Were A Boy by Beyonce
8) Rehab by Rhianna (not her best)
9) Gotta Be Somebody by Nickleback
10) When I Grow Up by Pussycat Dolls
11) Paper Planes by M.I.A.
12) Closer by Ne-Yo
13) Fly On The Wall by Miley Cyrus
14) Lovebug by Jonas Brothers
15) Pork And Beans by Weezer
(again, sorry if you don't agree with me)

15 Best Days in 2008:

1) October 26th
2) December 13th
3) December 6th
4) December 27th
5) December 25th
6) August 1st
7) June 20th
8) April 12th
9) August 16th
10) May 1st
11) October 4th
12) August 29th
13) August 30th
14) November 19th
15) November 21st
(Runner up is December 11th)

15 Worst Days of 2008:

1) March 25th
2) May 25th
3) May 17th
4) June 17th
5) October 3rd
6) November 1st
7) December 5th
8) December 18th
9) May 12th
10) September 22nd
11) December 4th
12) October 6th
13) October 31st
14) June 21st
15) August 3rd

15 of my best songs:

1) Take Me Back To Chicago
2) 18's So Far Away
3) Your Smile
4) I Hate Monday;s
5) Making It, Taking It, Faking It
6) Inside
7) Wish You Were Here
8) The Guy With No Name (Joe French)
9) Chasing Dreams
10) The Force Is With You
11) The Finish Line
12) Out Of A Daze
13) Music In My Head
14) Me, Myself, And I
15) The Vampire Song
(Runner Up is You're My Hero and Falling For You)
[Wow I like so many! it was hard to chose them!]

And to end it,

The 5 Cutest Boys I met in 2008:

1) BMG
2) JF
3) AC
4) CL
5) Nathanel

so My mom's been yelling at me for 20 minutes to


So i better go! HAPPY NEW YEARS!

BTW I spent it watching the ball drop on ABC in my living room and cleaning/rearranging my bedroom. How did u spend urs?