Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

I don't have any pics...yet.

I had a pretty good Christmas...

My favorite presents are;

My Purple Tamborine,
My Flip Video Camera,
Animal Crossing; City Folk for the Wii
Animal Crossing; City Folk Cheat book.
Wii Speak
Guitar Hero: World Tour for the Wii
SingStar Pop2 for the PS2
an AP Magazine Subscription
2 iTunes Giftcards



Texting just got a heck of a lot better! ha

So we had a derby race this past weekend. I kicked some major butt...




I knew I would...but that first just made it official!

Dude! I can't believe this year's almost over! Say goodbye to 2008! And Hello! To 2009.

I'm not sure what we're doing for New Year's Yet...our plan's aren't Finalized yet...YET! haha

Well I should head off to bed!

Nighty Night Night!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter Passing

Haha good excuse for a The Academy Is... song.

For some weird reason, I haven't really gotten into the Christmas Spirit this year. I've had a big fight with my best friend. It's fixed, but it's still not the same between us. Knowing what happened and what could happen. But we're friends again, nonetheless. Haha she just texted me! :)
So This year has come and gone and I don't really want it to end. Yes, This year was mostly worse than 2007, but I think I'm still holding on to my Gram and I just don't want to let go. For those of you who don't know, My Gram passed away in March from Lung cancer. The cancer ended up going to her brain and then she slipped into a Coma and passed away. On one of my Best Friend's 16th Birthday.
So now i'm pretty depressed. I really miss her. This is our First Christmas with out her. Yeah we had thanksgiving without her...but that's different. Yeah I was bummed she wasn't there, but I wasn't Nearly this depressed.
My parents got my brother and I new phones, and we got to open them early - saturday. We opened them incase they didn't work right, like dylan's. I will say I love mine. It's the Pantech Matrix. And it's Viberate mode is Violent! So I see why its called the Matrix.
But I really don't WANT to celebrate Christmas with out my Gramma. I just wish this Winter would pass quicker. I actually wrote a song about this yesterday. I still haven't titled it yet (it's pretty weird not having titles for any songs now. I normally write the title first and then get to the song a month or two later. haha.)
I've had friends try to help me but It's just really hard because I miss her so much! And I just don't want to talk to anyone about it. I'm not sure's just so weird right now. (the Akward Teen years aren't helping one bit).
As Christmas is fast approaching (just a few hours... 12 and 1/2 to be exact) I'm plastering on a smile so no one else will be depressed. I'm trying to keep it together. Trying to have a Merry Christmas. I hope your have a better one than me!
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Bands?

Hey all you Paramore lovers!

I've recently found a few awesome bands that have been compared to Paramore.
Girl Fronted bands.

The First one, The Hush Sound, is a piano-indie band. They Have three CDs out; So Sudden, Like Vines, and Goodbye Blues. They have hits such as Wine Red and Honey. They;re based out of Chicago and on Fueled by Ramen (the record label the Paramore is signed to). Ryan Ross of Panic At The Disco found them and convinced Pete Wentz to sign them. They're incridble!

The Second, Hey Monday, has been compared to Paramore numerous times. They only have one CD, Hold On Tight, and I love it! My absoulte favorite songs are Candles, 6 Months, Homecoming, and Run, Don't Walk. They are from West Palm Beach, Fl and they've only had their current line up for 6 months (fitting, right?) Cassadee (the lead singer) has incridble vocal skills. Mike (the lead guitarst) can write some awesome riffs. Signed to Decadance (Pete Wentz's Label) and Columbia.

The third, VersaEmerge, is new. Period. Their current line up has been this way for a few months now. They are from Port St. Lucie, Fl. They have been signed to Fueled by Ramen only last month. They have an EP out called Cities Built On Sands. The EP has the old line up. The lead singer is currently Sierra and their EP didn't have Sierra. BTW Sierra is only 17 years old. They do have an album out called Perceptions. It's incridble and I totally recommend you get Perceptions before you get their EP. Amazingly incridble.

The last new band I'm addicted to is Kelsey and The Chaos! They're incridble! They're from NYC and they're pretty awesome. They aren't signed yet, but Their Myspace has a few songs up and they're amazing! :D They do have an EP - Against the Wall - that you can get at Hot Topic. They're just wicked awesome!

So that's about it...


Kat <3

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Almost New Year...Almost New Me

I cut my hair.
and my braces are off.

Braces - Before:

Braces - After:

Hair - before:

Hair - After:
and my room's in the process of being re-organized.
it's not completly a new not 100% where I want to be Attitude-wise.
It's hard changing the way you look at things.
but anywho...I'm soo happy!! :D
i mean christain bale is uber hottttt! lol
more pics to come!
Merry Holidays
Happy Christmas! xD

Sunday, December 07, 2008

I'm Sorry...

I suck at blogging.
It takes forever to read 20 bagillion blogs.
And comment.
And post on mine.

School is crazy.
I got behind, and now I'm trying to get caught up and FINISH!

More and more dance drama.
Not gonna elaborate.
Too much drama, if you ask me.

I am alive JFYI!