Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Sunday. I Should Probablly Blog.

I've been visiting Alex DeLeon's blog. He's from the bad The Cab. Go check it out. Totally worth it.

So this week's song of the week from Family Force 5 is Put Your Hands Up. Butch Walker has a pet Liger who appears in this song! if you don't know who butch walker is, go read a CD and see who produced it. Honestly if u listen to the same people I do, You can totally find it.

So V-Day kinda sucked for me. i don't really have a sweetie this year so it was kinda sad.
I spent most of yesterday on Facebook, looking at Flair. I love the flair! lol.

then we all went shopping. I listened to Bring Me The Horizon. Awesome band.

We watched Journey To the Center of the Eart too.

it was a good movie.

So i guess tomorrow we get off so im looking foward to it and I'm hoping I can work on a few songs.

At Church, we get to put on a 'concert' at youth group. i'm singing. *GULP*
We're doing on of my own songs. And its not with Deny justice. It's with my 2 guy friends Alex and Will. They're awesome at guitar. So I'm praying this will go over well. haha

But that's about it. Derby race next week. I'm Stoked!!!!!

-Kiwi! <33

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Band Stuff

So Our band is Deny Justice!
love the name.

ha. and i came up with it.

Welll we have 3 Demo songs with music.

and the members are:

Nina on Vox
Brittany on Drums
Allison on Keys
Zack in Bass
Me on rhythm guitar and Vox
and no one on lead guitar...yet.

So basically this week was boring and uneventful.
except for the band stuff.
And school, but school's boring.

Yesterday we went go karting.
so much fun!!!
I can't wait to go again!!!

and i guess i'm getting my wisdom teeth out in June.
And they have to give me an IV.
ewww i hate needles.
and they also have to knock me out.
and i'll only be 16.

Well i should go.
I'm gonna help my momma with dinner.
She's sick.
She's been sick all week.

and i should aslo mention that both my parents have a facebook.
I don't have it.
Or my permit.

Life Sucks.