Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dylan...what a clutz

he fell off a swirly-chair thing at the park.

and broke his leg.

what a clutz!

i agape him still though.

oh well. please pray that his surgery goes well.

Mucho Agape.


Monday, March 16, 2009

The Hider

This weekend i had an awesome cor retreat with my church, but this 1 song basically sums it up.
I'll elaborate more later. haha we're going to the YMCA now. so yeah.

okay it's a side icon! :)


Saturday, March 07, 2009


That would be the most awesomest phone ever.

And it is mine! :)

I guess I sent 9,000 texts last month...haha and i know i've doen 500 already...but that's okay! WE HAVE UNLIMITED!!!

new Band of the month:

THE CAB!!!!!

Gahh Alex DeLeon is sooo hott! Visit his blog:

Song of the Week: Take My Hand.

Alex also does a song of the week on his blog and he disects them and tells you all about it. really cool....i'm totally doing that when I put an LP out!

Oh and go pick up their CD "Whisper War" nowww.... Courtsey of Fueled by Ramen/Decaydance.

And speaking of pete:

Fall out boy luvers! Go to



now onto meh.

life's crazy.

The band...Idk what we are doing. Oh well.

I did purty well on my couldn't hear me cuz the guitars were too loud! Gah ALEX!!!!!! Geezzz

And I took my bio midterm- 94%

and english was a few weeks ago...

and Am. Gov. this week!

as weellll as PERMIT!!!!!

I went shopping last sunday and got 2 pairs of awesome arm socks!!!

And the VERSAEMERGE EP!!!! ahhhh amazing. go buy it. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay enough ads!!! lol

and i need to go striaghten my hair going to a dinner play thing with some family friends. pretty exciting.

and next weekend is my COR retreat for my church. so that's also exciting.

sorry i didn't blog last life really boring so haha yeah