Monday, September 28, 2009

Almost Here

Hey guys. lack of updates. again. School is amazing. I’m stoked Homecoming is coming up soon! :) oct. 17th! :D i have a date too! this guy is pretty cool too! :)

the theme is hawaiian and so we can only wear sundresses. I have one possible dress, but i wanna look around. that will be in 2 weeks. I wanna get gladiator sandals too for it.

so i have all A’s and B’s (only 2 B’s) and i’ve been having a lot of fun at school. its awesome. :)

Band update:

I currently have a demo clip (47 seconds long) on my myspace:

go check it out! :)

I’m working on writing music now.


This weekend i have a church retreat coming up. i’m getting really excited! :D

there really hasnt been much else going on.

We have today off cuz of Yom Kippor (sp? lol) so i’m getting a lot done! :D



<3 Peace, :]