Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I’m Made Of Wax, Larry. What Are YOU Made Of?

That’s an amazing song by an amazing band. aha.


So a few weeks ago, I went to a concert. The Bamboozle road show. It was amazing.

Words just cant describe everything.

but Chris from nevershoutnever! made me go hippie. so i’m a hippie rocker lol.

I finally finished my 5th songbook yesterday.

It’s something sitting here, looking at all 5 songbooks. and knowing you filled up every single one of them. All by yourself. They hold your life. Your secrets. Your thoughts. They’re like a diary. Only less private. Cuz I dont care who reads them. And some of the songs blow my mind. Its like “wow I WROTE that.” all by myself. and its just.



Thats all i can say to describe it.


anywho. I’m in a play at my church! :) We’re rasing money for a retreat. I can’t go on it cuz I have to go to dallas for an acting thing. :( ohhh well.


SO I decided to finally go to public school next year. I’m really excited! :) I’m working on finishing up all my classes online so I can get the credits before the semester starts. I’m currently doing a video game history class. It’s awesome.


so yeah I better get to bed.

Up at 5:30 for school! :) joy.


-TRINA! <3


P.S. check out my youtube ( and let me know what ya think. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Its been a while…sorry

aha so i just got an awesome new laptop!!! LOVE IT!!!


and I’m now going out with this amazing guy, Jeff.

he lives on my street! :)


in the last derby race I got a 2nd and a 4th.

and I had a great Easter. hope you guys did too.




April’s band of the month is…





Week 1 song: The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle

Week 2 song: If It means a lot to you.


So there’s another really awesome band you guys should check out. They have 2 EPs out. One as the band name HELIOS and another with their current band name STELLATE. amazing.






in other news.

I put up a youtube page. and I;m gonna try to post a cover video a week or so. I currently have two up. One is The Hider cover by VERSAEMERGE

the other is 6 Months cover by HEY MONDAY.

The page is

i suck,


so anywho, that’s about it! :)