Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage

Hey hey!

Did ya miss me? Well, I'm sorry! Life's just way too busy! :) So much has been going on! OMG it's just pure craziness...but I live for that! :) Sooo...Let's see where did I leave off? Hummm...Oh right...Well, we called my agent and we set it all up! :) So we tried to print up my head shots, but they came out REALLY we have no idea where we're gonna print them now! My resume's almost all done and then we wait for job ops. Like the Wizards Of Waverly place one...Yeah! :) I'm sending my things in and we just wait.... lol. And i've been pretty far behind in my school and I'm almost caught up! :) I'll probablly finish the 3 main courses by the end of the month. :D

We went to the Disney Channel Games on day a few weeks ago, and I saw sooooo many celebs, it was crazy! I also got 4 autographs; Jeffery Dolley (Jason's older bro), Mark Musso (Mitch's little Bro), Gulio from Disney Channel Italy (He's in Pass the Plate) and Chelsea Staub's (Minutemen and J.O.N.A.S!) Speaking of J.O.N.A.S!, I also saw a 4 bros including Frankie! :) And everyone from Camp Rock. And Wizards :) and the Sprouse brothers. And Kyle and Chris Massey. And Jason Dolley. And Cody Linlely. And Mitchell Musso. And The Cheetah Girls. And Moises Arias and his bro. And Brenda Song. And Jason Earls. But we weren't allowed to see the actual games and if we screamed for the celebs to come over, they weren't allowed to come over. :( It was kinda sad. But I had a lot of fun! :) And I got a wicked crazy sunburn! I put a streak on my forehead and then said, "Okay. I sunscreened! Now let's see the Jonas Brothers!" and I had a sunburn on the side of my forehead and right above my eyebrows. It was kind of funny!

I haven't really written much story and song wise. Sorry.

I did make my confirmation in April and it was really cool. I got a pink iPod nano with all of the money. And a little allowence money. :)

So next Saturday is our local. It's kinda exciting. I'm nervous. If I win, It's my only chance to get to Akron and I REALLLLLLYYYYY want to go!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! I really need to stretch but I've got a really bad stomach ache, so it's kinda hard. But hopefully it'll go away by Thursday.

And then the following Sunday is my 15th Birthday. (15 Amie! :P :) And I'm spending it up at my Grampa's house with his sister and brother-in-law from Utah (Amie, ur parents :) And NOT at the Derby like I wanted :( That would've been SOOO cool!! Mean ol' mom! >:P But I shouldn't say that today. It's Mother's Day! And she has a headache so we were going to go to the movies, but instead we rented 3 DVDs. My stomach ache didn't help either. But I got her coffee after she had already got one. Lol. And yesterday, we went to breakfast with Katie and her mom. It was fun!

Our pool is actually really warm. I need new swimsuit bottoms soon because one pair is too small and the other is too big! I can't get it right!

Well g2g!!

ttys! Call me...Don't text me 'till Friday! :)


yOu KnOw YoU lOvE mE!

kAtRiNa MaRiE aNnE! =^D