Sunday, December 09, 2007

I'm a Busy Beaver!!!

*YAWN* I am sooooooooooooooo tired!!! I didn't go to sleep until 12 AM!! I was up reading (and finishing) New Moon. Oh.....My.....Gosh is it ever good!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also am finishing up my assignments so I can have Christmas off. Boy, are they getting hard. I guess that's cuz I'm getting older. (: I've officially written 100 songs!!!!!!! I had to write one for English, so now I'm at 100!!!! I'm really enjoying acting. We did improv and my teacher said I did such a wonderful job. I really got into character. I also wasn't distracted by the other kids. they always fool around. I really enjoy learning, but I hate it when they just goof off and I can't hear the teacher. I sound so nerdy, but this is something I enjoy, that why. Not much has been going on lately. So I'll blog when something exciting happens.

YoU kNoW yOu LoVe Me!!!



Can't Wait

Okay, because this is a Derby blog, I've felt the need to post a derby inspired song. Here is the song, Can't Wait, that I wrote with Dylan. Sometimes we can get along! lol

Verse 1- I can't wait 'till tomorrow!
To go see my friends again!
It's been a long time! (oh!)
I can't get to sleep! (no, no!)
That's how excited I am!

Chorus- I can't wait!
For the wind to be in my face
While I'm winning the race!
I'm so excited!
No, I can't wait!

Verse 2- I can't wait to find out
How it feels to win the race!
And be in the moment
With that trophy in my hands! (Chorus Repeat)

Bridge- I can't wait!
To celebrate!
My victory!
And to see!
Everyone cheerin'
For me!!! (Chorus Repeat)

and that's the song. I personally find this one better than the first derby song, The Place That I Love. Boy, oh , boy, does it smell bad here!! My mom's cleaning the oven! BLECH!!!! Dylan had a birthday party yesterday and we went mini-golfing. I had fun! lol. then we had some friends stay after and they stayed till 9. We watched Tim Tebow get the Heisman (I can't spell!) We were so happy because he was homeschooled through High School (like me!) and he is a GATOR!!!!!! :P

YoU kNoW yOu LoVe Me!!!!!