Saturday, May 30, 2009



So monday I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled. And I really don't want to. They're impacted which means they are coming in sideways and pusing against my 12 year old molars, preventing them from coming in. So I have to get them pulled. that's not that bad. I can live with that.

What I DON'T wanna do and what I can't live with is getting an IV. I have getting needles put into my veins. Shots are okay, but IVs are the WORST!!!!!

And another uber bad/sad part is:
-I cant chew gum for a week.
-I cant eat any solids (i hate soup!) all week
-I can't talk till thursday
-I can't sing for 2 weeks. (and my brother wont let me sing this weekend.)


I just rly dont wanna do this.
and there's nothing i can do

-Jeff gets to come
-I get a week off
-My mouth stops hurting
-I get all the ice cream I want
-I get a ton of movies

still sucks >:(



So I re-did my room. well. this part of my room. I got a recording thing for my birthday so i set it up to be awesome and easy to record. My brother wants to share it with me, so I said he could use it if he lets me use his effect pedal for the guitars. Pretty gnarly.

I got some ideas for this from VERSAEMERGE. Blake re-did his brother's room to be a recording studio aha. check it out on youtube! :D aha greatest website. that and facebook. ;P

But why and WHAT am I recording?
I'm recording a bunch of songs i wrote for my bf (and he's not allowed to hear them) for his 16th bday. haha he's gunna love it. I might use some of them (maybe the ones that don't have as much of our inside jokes in them) as demos.
The recording thing I got has a drum machine in it which is totally sweet. I have piano, vocals and guitars (as you can see/tell) so i just gotta steal a friend's bass aha.
and get a bunch of friends to help w/ some gang vocals i have planned on some songs.
This is extremely exciting. I'm excited. can't you tell???

aha so we're watching RV right now. pretty cool.
makes me more excited for tour!! :D
whenever that will (hopefully) happen.

ima go study for a bio test xP


☮ <3 :]

Friday, May 29, 2009

Remembering Sunday

That song is amazingggggg....omg so last night I had this WEIRDDD dream....I was Juliet Simms. (she's from automatic loveletter) and we were making a music video for Remembering Sunday with All Time Low (Alex Gaskarth is soooooooooo0ooooo cuteee!!!!!!)
it was insaneeee.

a good insane

I woke up with goosebumps. Because it was amazing.

so i just wanted to post tht thought.

-Katrina :)
☮ <3 :]

Thursday, May 28, 2009

When It Rains

It's raining.

It's frustrating.
Rain Rain go away!
actually, come again, not consistently.
It's been raining on and off everyday since LAST Sunday.
Lovely Florida Weather.
I thought this was the sunshine state. Pshhh

The rain gets depressing. you can't go out, you can't walk over to Jeff's, you can't go swimming, you can't really do much. and according to my Friends at the school I'm going to next year, the halls flood when it rains. Joy.
But hey, I'm pretty lucky I don't have to take the FCAT (the FL state standard test. xP)

So I signed up for my classes next year. I'm not sure my schedule yet, but here they are.

Algebra 2
English 3 Honors
Personal Fitness/Individual Sports
Creative Writing
French 1
Advanced Reading
So I'm pretty excited for them all...except for the P.E. Classes. :p
Here's a list of my top 10 fave songs atm:
Sing Sing by Stellate
Wisperer by VersaEmerge
Born for This by Paramore
Weightless by All Time Low
Disturbia by The Cab
A Little Faster by There For Tomorrow
She's a Lady by Forever The Sickest Kids
Homesick by A Day To Remember
The Day That Saved Us by Automatic Loveletter
Hurricane Streets by Hey Monday
My best friends have their last day of school today. It's pretty exciting cuz now we can hang out more. Luckily my school is about an hour or two of work, so I'll be doing school while they're sleeping and then we can hang out all day.
I'm looking foward to a lot of sleepovers and shopping trips.
I have some bday money to spend at hot topic and wet seal!!! :D
Monday, I get my wisdom teeth pulled. I have to have an IV and be knocked out for this. I'm not excitied at all. :(
Well one plus to that is no school!
one minus to it is missing the church talent show.
I wanted to sing/play guitar to crushcrushcrush by Paramore...but that's not gunna happen.
I'm just really glad school is almost done for most of us.
One more hour and my besties will be FREEEEEEEEE haha
☮ <3>

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweet 16!

That's My cake.
I'm finally 16!!! :)
It's pretty crazy
but I didn't get a car.
Mostly cuz I've had my permit for 2 months xb
that's okay cuz I got lots of awesome stuff from my friends.
a few giftcards, some clothes. lots of peace sign jewelry, books, and my boyfriend gave me some hershey's Kisses (cuz he's grounded so now I can still have kisses from him ;]) and this really pretty necklace. i love it (and him ;])
It's pretty crazy being 16, lemme tell u! :) its a good crazy.
My Grampa came down from his place to celebrate.

my dad actually got my presents from his mom and dad and sister when he went up to New York a few weeks ago, so I was able to open them in the morning. I got a jewelry box, a lip stick case, a compact and a really pretty purple ring. I love it! :D
none of my other family up there sent me anything. or called :( We swam for the most part of the party. a lot of people were thrown into the pool. it was really funny. at lunch we all ate out back and "tanned." my parents got little confetti w/ my name so we put the little "Katrina" confetti on our legs and tried to get it tanned into our skin. that was a fail. after that we opened presents and then my mom told everyone to go outside. she blindfolded me and walked me outside. I had no clue what was going on. (i was actually hoping they'd all give me an iTouch...tht didn't happen) They all posed for a "Group Photo" and ended up silly-stringing me. :P it smelled really badd!!! It was pretty gross too. After that we all walked over to Jeff's house again (we went once at the beginning of the party and Alex M. hijacked his bike :]) we had some silly-string left over so everyone hid in the bushes and i went and knocked on his door. His dad answered and told me he was with his mom. So I told everyone to come out. after a few minutes of convo w/ his dad, he let us in the house and we all hid in his room. once he got home, we jumped out and he was so surprised (his "bf" aaron [my ex bf] was on his bed out in the open as a joke) we got him outside and silly-stringed him. then he convinced his mom to let him come to the party. we threw him in the pool. Then he had to leave quickly. and we swam a little more. Once we got out, it started to pour. We all said a prayer of thanks to God for letting the rain hold off. We had more burgers and hot dogs and hung out waiting for the parents to come pick their kids up.
All in all, a pretty amazing bday. :)

What a SUPER sweet 16!!!

i'll put the pics up in another post.

now, mother. Keys please :)

☮ <3 :]

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birfday! :)

So my sweet 16 is in 2 days.

It’s so weird. 16 is so close!!! It seems like yesterday I was 10.

I’m really excited ‘Cuz I’m having this party that has been planned for 6 months. 16 friends get to come ;) I’m just praying the frickin Florida rain will stop in time. It made the pool soo cold!!! a week ago it was 85 now it 72. :/ So today is cleaning day. we have to clean the whole house and back yard. plus i need to go shopping tomorrow for a swimsuit!!! I’m not sure if I should get a blue one or a purple one…what do you think??

sorry I haven’t blogged much. Lots and lots of school work.

I was in a play at my church yesterday. it was insane. we skipped 5 pages by accident…so we confused a lot of people. haha thats my bffe’s fer ya! :)

So my boyfriend got grounded >:( so i cant see him for a whole month! :( he can come to my party for like 10 minutes. and he helped out at the play yesterday…and derby. but thats it.

oh and speaking of derby…i got a 5th at the last race :( butttttt my bestest friend won!!! :)

so my phone broke and i have to get $50 to get a new one…so im hoping I can get some $$$ and get a new one… :/

Oh my gosh this house is such a messs!!!!!

clean up time!

adios y mucho agape! :)