Monday, September 28, 2009

Almost Here

Hey guys. lack of updates. again. School is amazing. I’m stoked Homecoming is coming up soon! :) oct. 17th! :D i have a date too! this guy is pretty cool too! :)

the theme is hawaiian and so we can only wear sundresses. I have one possible dress, but i wanna look around. that will be in 2 weeks. I wanna get gladiator sandals too for it.

so i have all A’s and B’s (only 2 B’s) and i’ve been having a lot of fun at school. its awesome. :)

Band update:

I currently have a demo clip (47 seconds long) on my myspace:

go check it out! :)

I’m working on writing music now.


This weekend i have a church retreat coming up. i’m getting really excited! :D

there really hasnt been much else going on.

We have today off cuz of Yom Kippor (sp? lol) so i’m getting a lot done! :D



<3 Peace, :]

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

i've been very busy sorry guyss

with school starting in less than three weeks, songs to record, and sleepovers to have (because i havent had a single one alllll summer!!)
i've been busy.
so lets start with akron.
fun fun fun and mean old cranky officials. yayy.
i lost my first heat and dylan got 3rd in the world.
try driving home 1001 miles sitting next to THAT...not fun. blah
I did find two new bands whilst up there.
The speedbumps and the good 19. the good 19 are amazing guys and they added me on facebook haha

and thats about it. i could go into more detail, but you dont have to hear it all.
plus i'm in a baddd mood. you dont need this hippies negativity.

mucho agape,


peace, love, smiles :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Band band and more band. oh yeah and vacationsss

okay so...
long time, no update.
i went to texas a few weeks ago for an acting expo. not too much came out of it. except for some awesome new friends (and hot boys...who gave me their numberrrss!! :D) and some cool clothes. i just got way too many heels. i need sneakers tho :/

anywho, we all got sick after that. not cool.

and so now my big worry (other than finishing biology) is getting this dang recorder to work. I think im just too stupid to figure it out. but that's about it for the band. we have a myspace, twitter, purevolume and youtube. (its all bending broken btw)
so if u wanna, add us! :)

and so we're going to ohio tomorrow for the world championships in the soap box derby. yay. I can't wait to see all my friends. in some cases, we haven't see eachother in 2 whole years!!!! man do i miss them all!

so now i'm finishing up packing and getting these fake nails from dallas off. (i hate fake nails!)

mucho agape!


peace, love, smiles!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

a need for a good ol' PB&&J

why does texas not have ne pb&J???

whats a homesick girly supposed to do???
uber lame


Thursday, June 18, 2009

I take that back

yes boys suck
jeffs a stupid duchetard!!!!!!!!!!!! UGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Lied...

Not all boys suck.
there's about a total of 6 that I know who actually have somewhat of a heart...


too bad about 3 of them are taken :/


peace, <3, :]

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Boys suck

the end

Monday, June 08, 2009

Painfully Yours,

So the surgery wasn't the bad part.
didn't feel a thing.
partially cuz i was knocked out xP
but now it is soo painful.

my face was bruised and swollen, my bottom stiches came out. (eww) and i was basically in bed for almost a week, not able to eat.

Although last friday i started eating. and i haven't stopped. the food is sooo good....but i do have to have restrictions (popcorn, gum, mints, lollypops, ect) and can't chew with my molars.

not funn

Saturday, since i was feeling better, my parents took me and my bro to see "UP"

it was a realllllyyy good movie! :) it was so cute too!

we saw the 3D one and boy it was the best 3D movie everrrrrrrr

Carl and Ellie reminded me and my mom of my grampa and Gramma. so we were crying a lot. aha

Then we went to this mexican place for dinner. it was actually really good. (i'm normally not a fan of mexican food.) So it's now my new favorite restruant.
Sunday was eh. I went to church and then they had doughnuts after mass. while there, my friend called me and asked me where i was. I replied with church. I had forgotten we were planning to hang out...and i said id let her know by 12:30 sunday. well miscommunication - she was actually at my house. my mom was mad cuz she didnt want anyone over (i forgot why...) but she let her come over anyways. then i had jeff and lis come over for about 10 minutes too.
monday was even more eh. had to do more school. and then around 4 jeff (who, at this time was my boyfriend) texted me and said he needed to talk to me...and i assumed he was breaking up with me (he was but the jerk said to trust him). but monday was mostly uneventful.
tuesday morning, my phone buzzes and its Jeff:
"you were right about last night...i was going know...break up with you." and blah blah blah. so the whole thing was over a TEXT MESSAGE anndd he never told me why.
steeming mad, instead of really sad (i've barely cried over this whole thing) i went on with my week. school, songs, and more school.
i started a band called bending broken with a bunch of friends and this week we're going to start recording with the new recorder i got today. I collected a bunch of songs together and started writing guitar for them this week.
all in all, there's 8 songs and the EP is going to be called "Almost Famous" we're gunna try to get it on iTunes this fall.
anyway. jeff and i started having this big fight yesterday and he finally told me why:
-I dont respect his hate of PDA (wht bull)
-I dont see him as a friend, just a boyfriend (MORE BULL! I said tht like 5 seconds AFTER he broke up with me...just cuz it was hard to see him that way at the time. and i was starting to see him as a friend)
-im too negative (okay. ill admit last week i was very negative. because i couldn't talk or sing or do anything but sit on the couch. I couldn't even eat! it was frusteratingg!!!)
and im mad at those lame reasons and the fact that he (as well as all the other guys) didnt have the guts to break up with me to my face. it hurts a lot less.
so im basically done with jeff.
and hes not getting that EP i was going to record for him.
so anyways.
i wrote 10 angry break-up songs...and am still writing.
by the end of the month, i guarentee 300 songs.
This month's band of the month is A ROCKET TO THE MOON. Nick is extremely cute, and they have such amazing songsss
week 1 song: Dakota (duhh)
week 2 song: Fear of Flying [Both off their only EP: Greetings from... (this is their only ep as a signed band btw)]
oh and one more thing:
top 10 songs of the Week:
-Heart Break by Stellate
-My Goodbye by Automatic Loveletter
-How You Love Me Now by Hey Monday
-Downfall Of Us All by A Day To Remember
-Moments Between Sleep by VersaEmerge
-Stuttering by Friday Night Boys
-Beware! Cougar! by The Academy Is...
-Breakdown by Forever The Sickest Kids
-Take My Hand by The Cab featuring Cassadee Pope
-Backbone by There For Tomorrow

Saturday, May 30, 2009



So monday I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled. And I really don't want to. They're impacted which means they are coming in sideways and pusing against my 12 year old molars, preventing them from coming in. So I have to get them pulled. that's not that bad. I can live with that.

What I DON'T wanna do and what I can't live with is getting an IV. I have getting needles put into my veins. Shots are okay, but IVs are the WORST!!!!!

And another uber bad/sad part is:
-I cant chew gum for a week.
-I cant eat any solids (i hate soup!) all week
-I can't talk till thursday
-I can't sing for 2 weeks. (and my brother wont let me sing this weekend.)


I just rly dont wanna do this.
and there's nothing i can do

-Jeff gets to come
-I get a week off
-My mouth stops hurting
-I get all the ice cream I want
-I get a ton of movies

still sucks >:(



So I re-did my room. well. this part of my room. I got a recording thing for my birthday so i set it up to be awesome and easy to record. My brother wants to share it with me, so I said he could use it if he lets me use his effect pedal for the guitars. Pretty gnarly.

I got some ideas for this from VERSAEMERGE. Blake re-did his brother's room to be a recording studio aha. check it out on youtube! :D aha greatest website. that and facebook. ;P

But why and WHAT am I recording?
I'm recording a bunch of songs i wrote for my bf (and he's not allowed to hear them) for his 16th bday. haha he's gunna love it. I might use some of them (maybe the ones that don't have as much of our inside jokes in them) as demos.
The recording thing I got has a drum machine in it which is totally sweet. I have piano, vocals and guitars (as you can see/tell) so i just gotta steal a friend's bass aha.
and get a bunch of friends to help w/ some gang vocals i have planned on some songs.
This is extremely exciting. I'm excited. can't you tell???

aha so we're watching RV right now. pretty cool.
makes me more excited for tour!! :D
whenever that will (hopefully) happen.

ima go study for a bio test xP


☮ <3 :]

Friday, May 29, 2009

Remembering Sunday

That song is amazingggggg....omg so last night I had this WEIRDDD dream....I was Juliet Simms. (she's from automatic loveletter) and we were making a music video for Remembering Sunday with All Time Low (Alex Gaskarth is soooooooooo0ooooo cuteee!!!!!!)
it was insaneeee.

a good insane

I woke up with goosebumps. Because it was amazing.

so i just wanted to post tht thought.

-Katrina :)
☮ <3 :]

Thursday, May 28, 2009

When It Rains

It's raining.

It's frustrating.
Rain Rain go away!
actually, come again, not consistently.
It's been raining on and off everyday since LAST Sunday.
Lovely Florida Weather.
I thought this was the sunshine state. Pshhh

The rain gets depressing. you can't go out, you can't walk over to Jeff's, you can't go swimming, you can't really do much. and according to my Friends at the school I'm going to next year, the halls flood when it rains. Joy.
But hey, I'm pretty lucky I don't have to take the FCAT (the FL state standard test. xP)

So I signed up for my classes next year. I'm not sure my schedule yet, but here they are.

Algebra 2
English 3 Honors
Personal Fitness/Individual Sports
Creative Writing
French 1
Advanced Reading
So I'm pretty excited for them all...except for the P.E. Classes. :p
Here's a list of my top 10 fave songs atm:
Sing Sing by Stellate
Wisperer by VersaEmerge
Born for This by Paramore
Weightless by All Time Low
Disturbia by The Cab
A Little Faster by There For Tomorrow
She's a Lady by Forever The Sickest Kids
Homesick by A Day To Remember
The Day That Saved Us by Automatic Loveletter
Hurricane Streets by Hey Monday
My best friends have their last day of school today. It's pretty exciting cuz now we can hang out more. Luckily my school is about an hour or two of work, so I'll be doing school while they're sleeping and then we can hang out all day.
I'm looking foward to a lot of sleepovers and shopping trips.
I have some bday money to spend at hot topic and wet seal!!! :D
Monday, I get my wisdom teeth pulled. I have to have an IV and be knocked out for this. I'm not excitied at all. :(
Well one plus to that is no school!
one minus to it is missing the church talent show.
I wanted to sing/play guitar to crushcrushcrush by Paramore...but that's not gunna happen.
I'm just really glad school is almost done for most of us.
One more hour and my besties will be FREEEEEEEEE haha
☮ <3>

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweet 16!

That's My cake.
I'm finally 16!!! :)
It's pretty crazy
but I didn't get a car.
Mostly cuz I've had my permit for 2 months xb
that's okay cuz I got lots of awesome stuff from my friends.
a few giftcards, some clothes. lots of peace sign jewelry, books, and my boyfriend gave me some hershey's Kisses (cuz he's grounded so now I can still have kisses from him ;]) and this really pretty necklace. i love it (and him ;])
It's pretty crazy being 16, lemme tell u! :) its a good crazy.
My Grampa came down from his place to celebrate.

my dad actually got my presents from his mom and dad and sister when he went up to New York a few weeks ago, so I was able to open them in the morning. I got a jewelry box, a lip stick case, a compact and a really pretty purple ring. I love it! :D
none of my other family up there sent me anything. or called :( We swam for the most part of the party. a lot of people were thrown into the pool. it was really funny. at lunch we all ate out back and "tanned." my parents got little confetti w/ my name so we put the little "Katrina" confetti on our legs and tried to get it tanned into our skin. that was a fail. after that we opened presents and then my mom told everyone to go outside. she blindfolded me and walked me outside. I had no clue what was going on. (i was actually hoping they'd all give me an iTouch...tht didn't happen) They all posed for a "Group Photo" and ended up silly-stringing me. :P it smelled really badd!!! It was pretty gross too. After that we all walked over to Jeff's house again (we went once at the beginning of the party and Alex M. hijacked his bike :]) we had some silly-string left over so everyone hid in the bushes and i went and knocked on his door. His dad answered and told me he was with his mom. So I told everyone to come out. after a few minutes of convo w/ his dad, he let us in the house and we all hid in his room. once he got home, we jumped out and he was so surprised (his "bf" aaron [my ex bf] was on his bed out in the open as a joke) we got him outside and silly-stringed him. then he convinced his mom to let him come to the party. we threw him in the pool. Then he had to leave quickly. and we swam a little more. Once we got out, it started to pour. We all said a prayer of thanks to God for letting the rain hold off. We had more burgers and hot dogs and hung out waiting for the parents to come pick their kids up.
All in all, a pretty amazing bday. :)

What a SUPER sweet 16!!!

i'll put the pics up in another post.

now, mother. Keys please :)

☮ <3 :]

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birfday! :)

So my sweet 16 is in 2 days.

It’s so weird. 16 is so close!!! It seems like yesterday I was 10.

I’m really excited ‘Cuz I’m having this party that has been planned for 6 months. 16 friends get to come ;) I’m just praying the frickin Florida rain will stop in time. It made the pool soo cold!!! a week ago it was 85 now it 72. :/ So today is cleaning day. we have to clean the whole house and back yard. plus i need to go shopping tomorrow for a swimsuit!!! I’m not sure if I should get a blue one or a purple one…what do you think??

sorry I haven’t blogged much. Lots and lots of school work.

I was in a play at my church yesterday. it was insane. we skipped 5 pages by accident…so we confused a lot of people. haha thats my bffe’s fer ya! :)

So my boyfriend got grounded >:( so i cant see him for a whole month! :( he can come to my party for like 10 minutes. and he helped out at the play yesterday…and derby. but thats it.

oh and speaking of derby…i got a 5th at the last race :( butttttt my bestest friend won!!! :)

so my phone broke and i have to get $50 to get a new one…so im hoping I can get some $$$ and get a new one… :/

Oh my gosh this house is such a messs!!!!!

clean up time!

adios y mucho agape! :)


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I’m Made Of Wax, Larry. What Are YOU Made Of?

That’s an amazing song by an amazing band. aha.


So a few weeks ago, I went to a concert. The Bamboozle road show. It was amazing.

Words just cant describe everything.

but Chris from nevershoutnever! made me go hippie. so i’m a hippie rocker lol.

I finally finished my 5th songbook yesterday.

It’s something sitting here, looking at all 5 songbooks. and knowing you filled up every single one of them. All by yourself. They hold your life. Your secrets. Your thoughts. They’re like a diary. Only less private. Cuz I dont care who reads them. And some of the songs blow my mind. Its like “wow I WROTE that.” all by myself. and its just.



Thats all i can say to describe it.


anywho. I’m in a play at my church! :) We’re rasing money for a retreat. I can’t go on it cuz I have to go to dallas for an acting thing. :( ohhh well.


SO I decided to finally go to public school next year. I’m really excited! :) I’m working on finishing up all my classes online so I can get the credits before the semester starts. I’m currently doing a video game history class. It’s awesome.


so yeah I better get to bed.

Up at 5:30 for school! :) joy.


-TRINA! <3


P.S. check out my youtube ( and let me know what ya think. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Its been a while…sorry

aha so i just got an awesome new laptop!!! LOVE IT!!!


and I’m now going out with this amazing guy, Jeff.

he lives on my street! :)


in the last derby race I got a 2nd and a 4th.

and I had a great Easter. hope you guys did too.




April’s band of the month is…





Week 1 song: The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle

Week 2 song: If It means a lot to you.


So there’s another really awesome band you guys should check out. They have 2 EPs out. One as the band name HELIOS and another with their current band name STELLATE. amazing.






in other news.

I put up a youtube page. and I;m gonna try to post a cover video a week or so. I currently have two up. One is The Hider cover by VERSAEMERGE

the other is 6 Months cover by HEY MONDAY.

The page is

i suck,


so anywho, that’s about it! :)



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dylan...what a clutz

he fell off a swirly-chair thing at the park.

and broke his leg.

what a clutz!

i agape him still though.

oh well. please pray that his surgery goes well.

Mucho Agape.


Monday, March 16, 2009

The Hider

This weekend i had an awesome cor retreat with my church, but this 1 song basically sums it up.
I'll elaborate more later. haha we're going to the YMCA now. so yeah.

okay it's a side icon! :)


Saturday, March 07, 2009


That would be the most awesomest phone ever.

And it is mine! :)

I guess I sent 9,000 texts last month...haha and i know i've doen 500 already...but that's okay! WE HAVE UNLIMITED!!!

new Band of the month:

THE CAB!!!!!

Gahh Alex DeLeon is sooo hott! Visit his blog:

Song of the Week: Take My Hand.

Alex also does a song of the week on his blog and he disects them and tells you all about it. really cool....i'm totally doing that when I put an LP out!

Oh and go pick up their CD "Whisper War" nowww.... Courtsey of Fueled by Ramen/Decaydance.

And speaking of pete:

Fall out boy luvers! Go to



now onto meh.

life's crazy.

The band...Idk what we are doing. Oh well.

I did purty well on my couldn't hear me cuz the guitars were too loud! Gah ALEX!!!!!! Geezzz

And I took my bio midterm- 94%

and english was a few weeks ago...

and Am. Gov. this week!

as weellll as PERMIT!!!!!

I went shopping last sunday and got 2 pairs of awesome arm socks!!!

And the VERSAEMERGE EP!!!! ahhhh amazing. go buy it. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay enough ads!!! lol

and i need to go striaghten my hair going to a dinner play thing with some family friends. pretty exciting.

and next weekend is my COR retreat for my church. so that's also exciting.

sorry i didn't blog last life really boring so haha yeah



Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Sunday. I Should Probablly Blog.

I've been visiting Alex DeLeon's blog. He's from the bad The Cab. Go check it out. Totally worth it.

So this week's song of the week from Family Force 5 is Put Your Hands Up. Butch Walker has a pet Liger who appears in this song! if you don't know who butch walker is, go read a CD and see who produced it. Honestly if u listen to the same people I do, You can totally find it.

So V-Day kinda sucked for me. i don't really have a sweetie this year so it was kinda sad.
I spent most of yesterday on Facebook, looking at Flair. I love the flair! lol.

then we all went shopping. I listened to Bring Me The Horizon. Awesome band.

We watched Journey To the Center of the Eart too.

it was a good movie.

So i guess tomorrow we get off so im looking foward to it and I'm hoping I can work on a few songs.

At Church, we get to put on a 'concert' at youth group. i'm singing. *GULP*
We're doing on of my own songs. And its not with Deny justice. It's with my 2 guy friends Alex and Will. They're awesome at guitar. So I'm praying this will go over well. haha

But that's about it. Derby race next week. I'm Stoked!!!!!

-Kiwi! <33

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Band Stuff

So Our band is Deny Justice!
love the name.

ha. and i came up with it.

Welll we have 3 Demo songs with music.

and the members are:

Nina on Vox
Brittany on Drums
Allison on Keys
Zack in Bass
Me on rhythm guitar and Vox
and no one on lead guitar...yet.

So basically this week was boring and uneventful.
except for the band stuff.
And school, but school's boring.

Yesterday we went go karting.
so much fun!!!
I can't wait to go again!!!

and i guess i'm getting my wisdom teeth out in June.
And they have to give me an IV.
ewww i hate needles.
and they also have to knock me out.
and i'll only be 16.

Well i should go.
I'm gonna help my momma with dinner.
She's sick.
She's been sick all week.

and i should aslo mention that both my parents have a facebook.
I don't have it.
Or my permit.

Life Sucks.


Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Ideas!

So I have a few awesome ideas for my blog.

I have this weird obession with Smoothies.
So each week, I'll post a recipie for a new smoothie.
I make my own btw.

And it's gonna be a sidebar-type thing.

The next new idea is a Band-Of-The-Month.

I have an obsession with a band everymonth. So each week, I'll post my song that I love from this band.

February starts tomorrow. I love Family Force 5! CHECK THESE BANDS OUT TOO!!

-The Spill Canvas
-Tokyo Police Club
-Automatic Loveletter
-The Rocket Summer
-Hawthorn Heights
-The Matches
-The Almost
-Fighting With Wire
-Friday Night Boys
-Sing It Loud
-There For Tomorrow
-Bring Me the Horizon
-Every Avenue
-Mayday Parade
-Angels and Airwaves
-Attack Attack!
-A Kiss for Jersey
-Walls Of Jerico
-Death Cab For Cutie
-Cute Is What We Aim For
-A Skylit Drive
-This Providence
-The Rocket Summer
-Forever The Sickest Kids
-The Cab
-Between The Trees
-Hit the Lights
-The Summer Set
-Phone Calls From Home
-Minestry of Love
-Goodnight Sunrise
-Artist vs. Poet
-Transmit Now
-The Goodnight Anthem
-Sky Eats Airplane
-Sky Tells all
-Danger Radio
-Phantom Planet
-Pathway To Providence
-Mark Rose
-Dear Noel
-Archie Star
-Shiny Toy Guns
-The Years Gone By
-The Morning Light.

I'll Probablly post some more new bands each month too!

Keep in mind, some of these bands are unsigned.

So I have some amazing news!


Right now we're working on getting a drummer and bassist...the most uncommon instruments. FUNN!

We're gonna figure out a name this upcoming weekend and who's playing what. ha! so this is gonna be funn! :D


Sunday, January 25, 2009

I hate the title part...i never know what to!

I don't even know what to post! ah ha
I've been doing a lot of school lately... ugh! sooo boring!
So i wrote a few new songs...they're pretty good.
I'm actually planning EPs and LPs for later...deciding which songs I'll put out when. Keeps me busy and happy.
I've gotten a few new CDs. Folie a Deux is amazing. I also love Family Force 5, Business up front, party in the back. and dance or die. good band. lol. the maine can't stop, won't stop is also awesome.
derbys been good...i got 2 4ths at the last race...pretty good.
I havent worked much on my stories... my jumpdriveS arent working pretty mad about that.
i got some kickin' headphones at wal-mart for $20. love them! lol
uhmm... my bff next door moved on monday, so now i rly have no one close. not fun. I'm almost done with my english semester. then i can dye my hair purple! (:
I love my phone, but i dropped it at derby and cracked the screen...oops! its okay tho...tiny crack. nbd.
i'm stoked for the new Red Jumpsuit Apparatus CD and the VersaEmerge Ep!!!
I just got the new AP magazine with All Time Low on the cover! YESSS!!! lol it has Soul Glow Activatour (did i spell his name right?) from Family Force 5 in it! WHOOO!!!!i love AP! lol...too bad I can't go to the AP tour concert....FF5, the maine, hit the lights...oooh so awesome! but no. theyre coming on a derby day. But I can go to the Fall Out Boy one with Hey monday, ATL, Cobra and metro station! WHOOO!!! it's like the believers never die part duex or something?
So today i had to read at church. I had the second reading and my friend had the first - extremly long btw. so i had this short one and she had a long one...i had to do the prayers as well as carry the book up...whoo! long day.
Well my mom wants me to do school now... so byes!

Friday, January 02, 2009

15 Things About 2008/Happy New Year!/ 100th Post

So I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to do for my 100th post. And I was watching the MTV's new year show (I DVRed it) and then it hit me. I should do a list.

but not just any list! A list of 15 things...many 15 things. Because Last year was my 15th year on Earth.

So Here's a special "Looking Back" Post. And its a fun treat for my 100th post. BTW these are all in my opinion...don't hate me because of something.

The 15 Best Songs Of 2008:

1) I Caught Myself by Paramore
2) Decode by Paramore
3) Hurrican Streets by Hey Monday
4) The Authors by VersaEmerge
5) Crowded Room by The Academy Is...
6) Gives You Hell by All-American Rejects
7) That Green Gentleman by Panic At The Disco
8) 6 Months by Hey Monday
9) Santa Stole My Girlfriend by The Maine (haha its such a funny song!)
10) What A Catch, Donnie by Fall Out Boy
11) Winter Passing by The Academy Is...
12) Beware! Cougar! by The Academy Is...
13) You found My by The Fray
14) Hot n Cold by Katy Perry
15) Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade
(and the runner up is Love Song by Sara Barrallis)

15 Worst Songs of 2008:

1) Lollipop by Lil' Wayne
2) Lovelock down by Kayne West
3) Love in This Club by Usher
4) Just Dance by Lady GaGa
5) Heartless by Kayne West
6) Circus by Britney Spears
7) If I Were A Boy by Beyonce
8) Rehab by Rhianna (not her best)
9) Gotta Be Somebody by Nickleback
10) When I Grow Up by Pussycat Dolls
11) Paper Planes by M.I.A.
12) Closer by Ne-Yo
13) Fly On The Wall by Miley Cyrus
14) Lovebug by Jonas Brothers
15) Pork And Beans by Weezer
(again, sorry if you don't agree with me)

15 Best Days in 2008:

1) October 26th
2) December 13th
3) December 6th
4) December 27th
5) December 25th
6) August 1st
7) June 20th
8) April 12th
9) August 16th
10) May 1st
11) October 4th
12) August 29th
13) August 30th
14) November 19th
15) November 21st
(Runner up is December 11th)

15 Worst Days of 2008:

1) March 25th
2) May 25th
3) May 17th
4) June 17th
5) October 3rd
6) November 1st
7) December 5th
8) December 18th
9) May 12th
10) September 22nd
11) December 4th
12) October 6th
13) October 31st
14) June 21st
15) August 3rd

15 of my best songs:

1) Take Me Back To Chicago
2) 18's So Far Away
3) Your Smile
4) I Hate Monday;s
5) Making It, Taking It, Faking It
6) Inside
7) Wish You Were Here
8) The Guy With No Name (Joe French)
9) Chasing Dreams
10) The Force Is With You
11) The Finish Line
12) Out Of A Daze
13) Music In My Head
14) Me, Myself, And I
15) The Vampire Song
(Runner Up is You're My Hero and Falling For You)
[Wow I like so many! it was hard to chose them!]

And to end it,

The 5 Cutest Boys I met in 2008:

1) BMG
2) JF
3) AC
4) CL
5) Nathanel

so My mom's been yelling at me for 20 minutes to


So i better go! HAPPY NEW YEARS!

BTW I spent it watching the ball drop on ABC in my living room and cleaning/rearranging my bedroom. How did u spend urs?