Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2!

OMJ that movie rocked! It was actually the fourth book in the movie. Mostly. Everyone in the theatre Laughed, cried, and sucked in air at all the approiate times. It was an awesome movie to see with your bestest girl friends and your mom! It had it's intense moments, laughable moments, and tear-jerker moments. It was such a good movie! It stayed pretty close to the book, so I was happy about that.

I highly recommend it as a GNO (girl's night out) movie! :)


Seventeen Forever

Okay My Dad is the BESTEST Dad EVER!!! He got Me, Katie, My mom, and her mom tickets to the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2!!! FOR TONITE!!!! I'm gonna go clean my room and then eat dinner cuz the showing is in like an hour! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG this is soooo cool!!!!



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Media and Me

I have never been this close to my dream. I want this so bad. Acting, Singing, and Writing. Something I've been persuing for 5 years now. That's a long time. But I won't let the media get to me. I swear I won't. It hasn't gotten to me yet. And even if it does, my family and friends will be there to slap some sense into me. I want this SO bad. This is what I am meant to do. This is what I NEED to do.
The media will change it's outlook on beauty...all because of me. I'm not sure how, yet, but it will. I just have this feeling...
I want this so bad! OMJ it's bugging me! Cuz it's soo close I can TASTE it! (Oh wait, that's my Altiods...LOL!)
This is me.
The Singer who can't sing Rock, but so despratly wants to.
The Actress with the worst memory.
The Writer who is so cheesy...
The Racer who is small, yet unflexible.
The Dreamer who has constant bad dreams.
The Teenager who wants her Permit.
The Sister who wants to stop the jealousy and fighting.
The Friend who wants to help but has no clue, either.
The Daughter who wants to but isn't motivated enough.
This is who I want to be.


There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered, Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of It Yet

Oh so much has been going on. I'm sorry I haven't posted much, I've just been busy.
I just had some headshots taken today by a good family friend. I had a lot of fun and she even took some of Dylan and I together! It was a blast!
Today is the Metro Station and I so wish I could be there! But tickets are sold out anyways...
I've been working on outlines for a lot of my stories. I counted them all and I have 17 including my 3 short stories. I started one with Katie and Erin and it's Erin's turn to do Chapter 6...It's so good! And Funny!
I'm on my 4th songbook so it's awesome!
Driver's Ed is really easy...I just did a whole chapter today! :)
My BFF Bree was in the paper today and OMJ the article was HUGE!!!
I am SO STOKED for friday!! I really wanna read BD!! And we got a call from the bookstore that there's gonna be TRIVIA on the books! I just finished Eclipse so it's all good! (You can see my Meez is dressed for the Prom!) I'm putting my JACOB tatoo (temperary) on tomorrow. I got it with my New Moon book.
I have a really messy room now because I was looking for the tats and found it in a drawer, so I need to clean soon, but I'm procrastenating.
My mom's birthday was Monday so I made her breakfast and let her listen to my Hilary Duff CDs (She loves her!) while we swam. She go a Wii Remote and Nunchuck from Dylan and me for her B-day. Katie and her mom got her a wicked awesome candle! and then we went to Bennigan's for dinner...which closed yesterday. We were some of the last people to eat there. My brother had leftovers for lunch today and we were like "that the last meal you'll EVER have from Bennigans." What made it ironic was that we wondered how the heck they stayed open cuz there was like NO ONE there! crazy...
i've been singing like crazy and my voice is improving...It sounded pretty good earlier. I actually hit the high notes...which I normally can't do. maybe I should audition for American Idol next year...JK...I wouldn't abandon my band! we still need a lead guitarest, tho...
I finally got an Amp for my guitar! I love it! :D
I learned the minor penetonic scale for the guitar, thanks to dylan! it's pretty easy! Speaking of which, i need to practice soon.
I got my Twilight calander yesterday and I LOVE it!!! There's only one picture of Jacob, tho and it's from the side. It's mostly Bella...none of Esme...weird.
I started this book called Blue Bloods. It's really good. It's about Vampires and I think it's like Twilight. The Vampires are rich and stuff, she loves to use the word facade (like stephenie) and loves the band Muse. So i think it's cool. the only thing is, these vampires have fangs, can eat and drink real food and stuff, don't exactly kill (from what I've read) and they can die...not as hard to do as the cullens, tho...but Katie Recomended it and it's holding me over till
So i decided to change up my blog a little, just kinda sick of it...I don't think i changed anything this enjoy!



Saturday, July 26, 2008

In Fate's Hands

The race today was so frickin AWESOME!!! By the way, today was the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS for the Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio. My BFF BREE won 2nd in THE FRICKIN WORLD!!! And her BF got 2nd too, just in another division!!! SO FL and Region 7 ROCKED today!

Here are the unofficial standings:
Stock Local:

David H. (375)9th
Cody Q. (438)8th
Kyle G. (320)7th (MY CITY'S LOCAL CHAMP!)
Casey H. (426)6th
Alison P. (387)5th
Mike S.(366)4th
Kevin R. (357)3rd
Casey H. (426)2nd
Johanna B. (302)1st *WORLD CHAMP*

Super Stock Local:

Kyle J. (202)9th
Lucas G. (154)8th
Zacchary P. (231)7th
Levi D. (221)6th
Sheri L. (122) 5th
Blaise T. (206)4th
Joe P. (254)3rd
Maddison S. (222)2nd
Hayley B. (238)1st *WORLD CHAMPION*

Masters Local:

J.R. B. (48)9th
David E. (18)8th
Travis T. (8)7th
Kortney M. (35)6th
Kerry M. (12)5th
Sean T. (78)4th
Elizabeth U. (1)3rd
Heidi S. (39)2nd (From my region)
Courtney R. (73)1st *WORLD CHAMPION* Good friend of mine! :)

Stock Rally:

Matthew M. (720)9th
Henry T. (715)8th
Jennifer P. (764)7th
Allyson P. (728)6th
Kaylee W. (759)5th
Kimberly P. (706)4th
Sadie B. (737)3rd
Briana W. (708)2nd (MY BFF!!!!)
Megan M. (743)1st *WORLD CHAMP*

Super Stock Rally:

Courtney C. (625)9th
Amanda J. (605)8th
Nick T. (634)7th
Sal B. (636)6th
Mallory L. (624)5th
Marcus S.(608)4th
Hunter C. (659)3rd
Chandler S. (610)2nd (Good Friend and Bree's BF! :)
Caitlin S. (629)1st *WORLD CHAMPION*

Masters Rally:

Jordan A. (516)9th (From my STATE!)
Eli F. (565)8th
Brooke F. (556)7th
Jacob B.(532)6th (NOT Jacob Black...Sorry...I wish it was!)
Kelsey M. (531)5th
Michelle S. (538)4th
Leah G. (526)3rd (Close Friend! She did great...this was her last year :(
Mark O. (500)2nd (A good friend of Dylan's!)
Brandon F. (555)1st *WORLD CHAMPION*

So today was very exciting. I'll post tomorrow more on ME! (which we all know you want to read about...JK! :)


(Everybody in Akron, DRIVE HOME SAFELY!!!!)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Full Circle

So I finished my Derby Song...It's OK, not my best. I got 3 new CDs yesterday; No Really, I'm Fine (Spill Canvas) We The Kings, and Breakout (Miley)

I'm sorry I haven't blogged...I've been busy cleaning and talking to Erin and missing my friends, and there's been a lot of storms...So yeah.

Erin, Katie and I are having a sleepover on August 1st after the prom release thing. So that makes it better. And They're coming over at 10ish on the 1st so we can spend the day doing our hair, make-up, nails, ect. so it's like a REAL Prom cuz erin and I might not have one. We want to plan one for the Jr./Sr. prom for homeschoolers in this area and it'd be my Sr. and her Jr. year so that'd be fun! :)

Yesterday, Aaron had my friend Allie give me back my things I gave him for valentine's day. I threw away the CD and kept the dog, cuz i paid $10 for it. lol

I'm working on like 5 more stories so I'm trying to organize my notebook. There's just SO many! I'm also working on my playlists for them. I'm listening to my iPod now and it's like crazy cuz I have so many songs that co-inside with the stories! I'm glad for that. Plus I'm finding many new bands like; Hit The Lights, Charlotte Sometimes, Kerli, Story of the Year, Rise Against, Forever the Sickest Kids, and Dispatch. So that's always good! :)

We also finished a majority of our tile! we just need the entry way to be finished. and then it's done! :) it looks really cool! :) It's also great that we can FINALLY eat home-cooked meals again...It's been a while

I got the Neutregena Wave yesterday, and it's amazing! I had a really big zit, and it's sooo much smaller! i've only used it 2 times! my skin is also a lot smoother! I love it! :)

I'm almost done with Eclipse. I'm On Ch. 25. So I will have read the seires 3 times now and I'll finish Eclipse by next friday! I can't believe BD comes out in 8 DAYS!!! I can't wait!

Well My mom's tired so I'm gonna go cook dinner...I don't think we have any left-overs left! So maybe something chicken...I'm not sure yet...



Saturday, July 19, 2008

You Might Have Noticed

Well I guess I'm going to the Breaking Dawn Prom realease party. I really did want to go to the concert (Cuz my bro gets to go to one on the day of the BD release) but My mom made the descision...Breaking Dawn it is.

It's been pretty boring here. My dad and a family friend are laying the tiles as I type this and we are condemend to one end of this house. I can't go in my bedroom and we can't go in the kitchen. The Fridge is in the living room, next to me. I spent last night with Katie and We just watched TV. I read Kristen (from the clique Summer Collection) in like an hour. It was really good. I went to sleep at 1:40 AM and woke up around 3 when her brother came home from work. It stenched of Steak N Shake Chili. It was gross. (I don't like Chili) We're all playing the Wii now. Our friends brought over their Wii Fit. It looks cool. I'm gonna play it soon! :)

I'm almost done with Eclipse. I love it! :) I'm also working on a story with Erin and Katie! I'm waiting for Erin to call me soon because we have to talk about the chapter she wrote. It's kinda messed up. She has it a little wrong. But that's ok. I have it all written down in my notebook. I prolly hafta re-write it cuz I got a new one and my other one is almost full. So I'm just bored. And a little lonely. I am going to church tomorrow, so I'm hoping I'll see some friends! I've only seen Katie and Bree all summer long! And it seems as if EVERYONE is going to Ohio! Except for us. Katie, my cousin, everyone in the derby, danielle, Oh just about everyone. Except for me.

So I'm bored. I want to write. But I want to play the Wii. So I think I'll play the Wii until Erin calls.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tell Me What To Do

Okay I need some serious help! Okay My mom is making me choose between BREAKING DAWN and METRO STATION!!!! Breaking Dawn comes out Friday and there is this Prom theme realese. Okay. The Metro Station concert is WEDNESDAY and is a concert with Boys Like Girls Good Charlotte and The Maine. So What's better? I love them both SO much! But the thing for the concert: I haven't been to one since 2006 and it was the Jonas Brothers. But with Breaking Dawn; THOSE QUOTES ARE MAKING ME SO FLIPPIN CURIOUS!!!! I love Edward and Bella and Alice and I just want to read it. I'm also never going to a prom and I already bought a Dress and Shoes. So I have a BIG delimma! (I can't spell that!)

Please help me!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

When The Day Met The Night

So i slept in until one...I'm not feeling 100% but the shower I just took is getting me there. Still bored. My mom is starting to lean towards a "yes" for the Metro Station/Boys Like Girls/Good Charlotte/The Main Concert! YAY!!! :D So that's awesome! :) We also are done stripping the tile out of the house. All 500 sq. feet is OUT! Now we hafta put new ones in...I wonder when that'll be...
I finished my song and now my new song is "The Finish Line" It's kinda a derby song.
So I still have writer's block on my stories...i'm not sure what to write.
I started Eclipse (again) and I'm on Ch. 4. I started it yesterday.
My internet is acting weird, so it's like i have to constantly refresh the web pages.
I'm also looking through hundreds of pages of icons and saving a ton! I love it! they're SO funny! :) I love the twilight ones! :)

So that's pretty much it...

If you miss a day w/ the breaking daw quotes, go to



Friday, July 11, 2008

Now That We're Done...

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeep!! I was reading the paper today (I am such a dork) when I saw that METRO STATION is coming HERE at the end of the month! :D OMG how awesome is that! :) I LOVE Mason! :D but u already knew that! HA! So I'm just a little mom's napping and then we hafta do algebra UGH! Then take out tiles and rip more wallpaper out! Joy. It's raining like crazy here! thunder makes me jump when the house is so quiet...and empty. as soon as you walk out of my bedroom, it starts to's weird, like we're moving, which we aren't...So yeah. So i'm having trouble writing that's Okay, nothing broke, and I'm stuck on the second verse...maybe when Erin calls (if she's been a while and I left a message) we can work on it...and everyone says they'll call phone is scilent! HELP!!! I'm so unpopular! I'm also almost done with New Moon...for the 3rd (i think) time...YAY!! sooo I'm at the part where Edward, Bella, and Alice....(i'm not spoiling it for anyone...I've already done that too many time)'s ch. 22..i think. So boring day today...just wanted to let ya'll know I'm alive!


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's Okay, Nothing Broke!

So that's the title of a song I'm working on. I'm pretty bored. I did my Driver's Ed assignment for like 2 days. LOL!! and we're tearing out EVERY SINGLE TILE in our house. It's 500 sq. Feet. So that's a lot. WHAOOO!! not. i get to stay in my room so as not to get the dust in here. lovely. And this sucks because I'm hungry. And I had all my dinner! Sloppy Joe's. I made it! Dylan hated it. Figures. Brothers. So i'm actually listening to a Metro Station Song! Seventeen Forever! I LOVE THEM!!! Mason is SO hot! I've met Marc and Mitchel So now i hafta meet him! (i met them @ the D.C. Games! I can't wait for them to be on so I can see the games! LOL!! I didn't catch any of them because they wouldn't ket the fans see it. They just scanned the croud screeming so maybe i'll even be in it! LOL!!!! so yeah. Nothing new here. All my derby friends are going to Akron with out me! :( so i'm gonna be bored next week. I really wanna see the Warped Tour this week (they're in FL) but I'm going Ice Skating that day. It's with dylan's boy scout troop. Joy. Little 10 year olds. I haven't been skating in YEARS!!! so yeah. That's pretty much it! yay! I'm so bored and I'm procrastenating typing up my songs. Cuz the one's i'm typing up are crappy. I was writing just cuz it was MY month to write songs. the creative Juices just flow. NOT! LOL!



Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth! :)

So this is kind of like what I'm wearing. But still. Trying to be patriotic.

Okay I'm gonna go now because we're in the middle of a bad storm. It's thundering and lightening and raining! so we're not gonna get fireworks anytime soon!



Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Breathe Today

Okay that songs stuck in my head...and I actually don't mind it.

Sorry i haven't blogged in a week..nothing new around here. I saw 2 movies (movie Tuesday!) Wall-E and Spiderwick Cronicles. but really nothing much. It's been pretty boring here. Just wanted to say Hi! :)