Thursday, February 21, 2008

Really mad guitar player (you gotta dig deep 4 that part)

Hey guys!

First.....Guess what? I'm sick again. We just got back from the doctor's and i'm FINALLY on medicine. We tried Motrin Cold, Sudfed, Delsym, and Nyquil. NOTHING WORKED!!! So if you're wondering why I wasn't @ Relegious Ed last night (ahem, bridgette) It's cuz I'm sick. I finally dragged my lazy sick butt to the computer to blog! On top of that, my nose is dried out because of using the tissues so much!!

Next.......My aunt came to Fl from New hampshire tues. so we picked her up and drove up to my gram's yesterday and then my mom, dyl, and I drove back IN THE SAME DAY!!! that's 3 hours of in the car with many crazy drivers on the interstate. I slept most of the way home. lol. We go back up on Sunday evening and come home on Monday. So to dissapoint all my friends again, I won't b @ XLT sunday.

Third......There's a derby race this saturday, but cuz not only am I sick, my mom and dad are both sick, we won't be going. sorry to dissapoint y'all!

Fourth.....I started a new story Monday. It's part of a series about Faries. This one's called A Very Fairy Tale: Volume 1- Emyrald's Story. So it's really cool. (And That's EMERALD with a y! I wanted something coolio!)

Fifth......(And finally!) I was playing my electric Gibson Talent Guitar (the red and orange one for non-guitar experts) and I had just tuned it last night and I was working on playing one of my songs I wrote a while ago, and the strings were REALLY lose. So I tuned it again, and as I was tuning the last string, the bridge (The thing that holds the strings at the bottom) poped off. (that poped doesn't look spelled right) The nuts (that hold the bridge to the guitar) broke in half!!!!! So I'm NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER getting another Gibson guitar!!!!! AND DON'T U GET ONER EITHER!!! jk, do whatever u like, but I don't want one.

Sixth.....Like the new animal obsession?? Okay first it was Zebras, then Cows (still have a ton of stuff from that phase) and now....leapords!!! (it'd b even cooler if I could spell them!!!) lol. sooo If u never kno what to get me for my b-day.......LEOPARDS!!! (still don't look right) lol so enjoy lots of leapords for the next few months, years, decade, centuary, whatever. lol

SEVENTH.....OMG that many things!!!! WOW!!! lol. If ne 1 of u writes stories, please send them to me to read!!!! that's my other new obsession!! Reading my friend's stories!! I love the fact that my friends like to write. It's soooooo cool!!!

EIGHT......If ne of u have a webcam (and know where it is *Danielle*) let me kno!! We just got one and I only have my uncle and his son + my friend from scotland!(HEZ!) so shoot me an email please!!!

Nine......I'm finally done!!!

LASTLY.......YoU kNoW yOu LoVe Me!!!

KaTrInA <33333

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun!!

Hey y'all!!! What's Crack-a-lakin?

I had a fun last few weeks....

I went to this concert last Saturday with my BFF KATIE!! it was sooooo much fun!! then I spent the night at her house and it was a lot of fun...Saturday my family went to sea world and dylan and dad rode the Kracken 2 times!! all I did was the animal exhibits Shamu, and a rock climbing wall........I got stuck.....

Sunday I went to see August Rush with my BF Aaron, and my 2 friends Bridgette :D and Rachael :) It's a MUST-SEE MOVIE!!! soooooo yeah.

I've also wrote a few new songs.....They're OK. I've been trying to get caught up on school work, so I haven't had a ton of time! Acting classes end in 4 weeks!!!! :((

I hope you guys like my new youtube videos.....I'll change them out every week (or try to) I hope you guys enjoy them!!!
That's all folks!!

YoU kNoW yOu LoVe Me!!!!