Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Contest

So Thursday night, Dylan's Boyscout troop had a pumpkin carving contest. There were some pretty cool pumpkins, but I loved dylan's the best. He had a mummy one like this, only he glued bugs and stuff on it. it was pretty scary!!!!

They had a pumkin eating a girl scout (omg how bad is that?!?!) they had one covered in skittles, they had on with smoke coming out of it, one with a grave yeard inside (that was my 2nd favorite, next to dylans!) and tond of cool ones, sharks, turtles, all that good stuff.

Dylan sadly, didn't win anything! We were kind of dissapointed that he didn't cuz his was AWESOME!!!!

I got my own little pumpkin (but of course, didn't enter it) and I named it "Nate, The Emo Pumpkin." It's pretty funny! :D

Peace Out, cub Scout!

I'm So Sick

So the reason I hadn't posted in a LOOONNNGGG time (welll about a week) was cuz I was sick. I had a cold. it was pretty bad...I was all stuffed up, I had a sore throat. All that good stuff! not.

So I'm sorry I haven't posted in forever.
But I'm Better now!!!! :DD

Peace out, cub scout.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tagged! (AGAIN!)

My my cuz Amie tagged me! She said there was a prize in it for the first one to do it...WHOO!!!! I love prizes! Who doesn't?

8 TV Shows I love to watch:

-Wizards Of Waverly Place
-Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
-Naked Brothers Band
-Ugly Betty
-American Idol

8 Favorite Restaurants:

-Steak N Shake
-Olive Garden
-Jereck's Subs
-Tony's Pizza

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

-I was sick
-Texted People
-talked to Erin
-Thought about school
-Got Stressed
-Watched TV and Scared Dylan
-Thought about the Dance and planned some things.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

-My Second Guitar Lesson (FINALLY!)
-Feeling better...Getting over this cold
-The Dance
-Finishing these semesters and getting my Driver's permit
-Getting my braces off!!!! :D

8 Things On My WishList:

-a bigger, black, acoustic, Ibanez guitar
-a date to the dance
-a blackjack phone
-Straight A's
-a first place Saturday AND sunday! :)
-a LOT of gum and popcorn
-more time
-a Band!!!! ;)

8 Friends I'm Tagging:

-Aren! (GLAD UR BACK!!!)

Peace Out Cub Scout! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Away

Fall is officially here in florida!

it's actually cool. and It's got the FALL FEEL in the air.
I miss the changing of the leaves in New York.
It was so beautiful.
Here there's just too much green and brown.
I want yellow and orange!


So It's still nice out.
But my room's still hot.
I opened the windows in my room to make it cooler.
Which it is.
By 2 degrees. haha
but it's just really nice out.
I can hear the trees rusteling...
and the airplanes over head...
and feel the wind.
Ah it's beautiful!

I love autumn! Don't You?

Peace Out, Girl Scout!

Jane Eyre

That is my least favorite thing EVER! ugh
It's written in 19th centuary english so it's UBER hard to comprehend! ugh
And the worst part is;


Partially because it's good and partially because I have to read it for english. 44 pages per assignment. not fun. The reason I'm soooo far behind!

ugh please save me from bored-um.

peace out cub scout!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

London Beckoned Songs About Money Written by Machines

Hey Don't Forget! ;]

It's national Song Writing month! :D


(I've written 5 so far! ;])

Last year I wrote 32 in October!
1 per day.
Then 2 on the first.
That's my NSWM Tradition.
I've done that for FOUR YEARS!

that's how long I've been writing songs!
No wonder I have 305 SONGS!!!!


Peace Out Girl Scout!!!


The Test

So I took the PSAT today.
It wasn't like REALLY hard, but not REALLY easy, either.
I sucked at math.
Of course.
and I only left 2 questions blank.
Which is OK.

There's 139 questions, btw.

So that was my school today! :D

There were only TWO other homeschoolers there! everyone else was from a different school. Ohkahy...?

Next up is youth group! :D:D:D:D

happy happy!

Peace Out Cub Scout!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DUDE! Now this is obsession!

That's right!
An Edward Cullen Doll.
And Guess who wants one?
Your very own Edward CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah!

But I have to wait until January! :((


Monday, October 13, 2008


So I also forgot to mention...

Sweet Toxin is no more.
Everyone had to quit.
They were all too busy.

The sad thing about all this is...

I don't know anyone who plays any instruments!

AHHH!!!! :(((((

sad times a trillion!

peace out girl scout!

Sophomore Slump or Comback Of The Year

School Sucks.
Especially 10th grade.
It's 11 weeks in and I'm sooo far behind.
I wish I wasn't! It's just not fair.

English is soo annoying.
I have to read 44 pages of Jane Eyre per lesson. So i kind of got behind cuz I was having trouble concentrating on the story. Right now, I have to write a letter to Jane about the setting.

Biology is utterly stupid.
My teacher never is in contact with me.
And I've had to do the water cycle.
I also had to write a paragraph on being a water droplet going through the water cycle. It sounds like fun, right?
Well the first time, it was.
I've taken 3 Science classes online, and in all three, I've had to do this same exact assignment. UGH!!!

American Government is...okay I guess.
It's kind of exciting because of the up-coming elections.
But that's about it.
It's pretty boring learning about things over and over again. In all of your classes.

Driver's Ed is lame.
I just have to take the stupid test.
I'm not happy about tests. ugh.

Algebra is soo stinking hard!
I just can't understand it! ugh! ugh! ugh!

Sorry about all the ughs.

Peace out cub scout!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bang The Doldrums

What did I do yesterday?
Garage sales!
And football!
GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO!!! 51-21! we rock we rule!

I spent most of yesterday garage sale-ing with my bestie and her mom. We went to four sales. I got my ugly betty costume (minus the wig and glasses!) for like nothing. I also got a portable CD player for $3. and I've been listening to the FOB Infinity On High CD as well as Fast Times At Barrington High, Don't Forget, Riot!, Sticks and Stones, and From Under The Cork Tree. and others.
so yesterday was a lot of fun.

Then Katie's Dad called.
they got end-zone seats to the UF - LSU game.
Hello Miss Green-eyed Monster!
Tim Tebow, up-close and personal!
Uber-huge-ginormous sigh.
but it's all good! they still won!

Fifty-Fricking-One to a measly 21!

We're the best, we're so cool!
UF is better than any other school!



(sorry to any non-UF fans! I love my timmy!)


Friday, October 10, 2008

Derby, Baby!

This is Me! Racing in the derby! :D
Last race, I borrowed a car cuz mine wasn't done.
But it is now! :D

I got 2 8th places...which is good cuz that was my first time in that division.
And I was running 85 pounds light.
But my next race is in a few weeks.
And It's both Saturday AND Sunday!

I can't wait!



P.S. Sorry it took me so long to blog about it. Life's been crazy!

The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know

So I wanna cut my hair.
It IS MY hair, right?
Well, my mom says I'll hate myself after I do it.
I want it to look like this:

Only with brown.
Like dark brown.
And some how incorperate purple in my hair.
Either streaks, Tips, or have it underneath...

But I want to change my hair.
It's getting boring.
It's been like this for 3 years now. ugh.

But I wanted this to be a short post.
Guess it's not.
Oh well.

Peace Out, Girl Scout!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

My No Good, Dirty Rotten, Horrible, Terrible, Really Bad Week.

Or half a week. Sunday - Tuesday was pretty uneventful. just school work and a class at the Y Monday and Tuesday evening. very boring.

But Wednesday. Oh Wednesday. Now normally I love wednesdays and hate mondays (I even have a song about that!) but this week sucked. I decided I was sick of being homeschooled and wanted(ish) to got to public school. so I had to miss youth group which made wednesday really bad.

So Thursday, My mom drops my courses on FLVS (Biology, American Government, and English II) and Am. Gov. was completly dropped, English, my teacher kept me in it just in case, and stupid biology, my teacher never said anything till yesterday. ugh. I hate biology. But anywho, my mom called the two public schools and neither wnated me. ugh. So i have to stay homeschooled until Dacember. Joy.

Friday: started off well. We went to a play and both Erin and Nicole were here! :D we had a lot of fun. Then we all wento out for lunch at Steak N Shake. but then Erin texts me saying Nicole quit the band. Without telling ME, the band leader. ugh. and then to top it all off, I remember that my 3 favorite bands, The Academy Is..., We The Kings, and Hey Monday, are preforming that night. And my mom wouldn't let me go. not just that day, but the day i found out they were playing, which was like, months ago. So I ask my mom to take me to target to get Fast Times At Barrington High cuz I never got their CD and it would give me something to do while I wallow in self pity cuz I can't go see them live. Well target was out of the CDs. So i had to buy it off iTunes instead. But I also got the Flyleaf EP, Much Like Falling. Plus the FT@BH CD on iTunes had a few bonus it kinda worked out. Speaking of; We went to the Y again and I decided to use the treadmill. Well on my iPod, I kept getting WTK and TAI songs. Even Homecoming by Hey Monday came on. So I was really depressed. I had my hands of the bar for one second and CRASH!!!!!!!

I fell of the treadmill.
And dropped my iPod. (Which is OK, BTW)
But I FELL OFF THE FRICKING TREADMILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So the whole thing was embarrassing.

Saturday: Boring for the most part. Then around 4, my whole family was supposed to go to this really cool mall. Me to help plan a homeschool homecoming (which was succussful) and everyone else to shop. Well Dylan didn't feel too good, so he didn't go. Neither did my mom. So my dad spent 3 hours wondering around the mall. that was fun. The Erin came home with us, but she sadly couldn't spend the night. :(

And so today: nothing much but church. I wanted to wear shorts cuz it's Too Darn Hot to wear my dress pants. but my mom made me. Then I had to go up and Altar Serve. After the First Reading. I had no clue there was only one kid serving, so I had to wait and then come and sit and serve after the first reading. I had to put the alb on with little kids in the room. I don't completly strip down, just put the alb over my clothes. So don't freak. lol.

but that's it. I kinda hafta go eat my uber late lunch!


Sorry it took so long to blog!