Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Band band and more band. oh yeah and vacationsss

okay so...
long time, no update.
i went to texas a few weeks ago for an acting expo. not too much came out of it. except for some awesome new friends (and hot boys...who gave me their numberrrss!! :D) and some cool clothes. i just got way too many heels. i need sneakers tho :/

anywho, we all got sick after that. not cool.

and so now my big worry (other than finishing biology) is getting this dang recorder to work. I think im just too stupid to figure it out. but that's about it for the band. we have a myspace, twitter, purevolume and youtube. (its all bending broken btw)
so if u wanna, add us! :)

and so we're going to ohio tomorrow for the world championships in the soap box derby. yay. I can't wait to see all my friends. in some cases, we haven't see eachother in 2 whole years!!!! man do i miss them all!

so now i'm finishing up packing and getting these fake nails from dallas off. (i hate fake nails!)

mucho agape!


peace, love, smiles!!!


Rose Valentine said...

Aww fun!!

Krosemarie said...

This blog is cute :DDDD Hey if you get a chance could you check out my blogs? I have a story blog and then just a normal blog :D

ThAnKs :D