Tuesday, August 04, 2009

i've been very busy sorry guyss

with school starting in less than three weeks, songs to record, and sleepovers to have (because i havent had a single one alllll summer!!)
i've been busy.
so lets start with akron.
fun fun fun and mean old cranky officials. yayy.
i lost my first heat and dylan got 3rd in the world.
try driving home 1001 miles sitting next to THAT...not fun. blah
I did find two new bands whilst up there.
The speedbumps and the good 19. the good 19 are amazing guys and they added me on facebook haha

and thats about it. i could go into more detail, but you dont have to hear it all.
plus i'm in a baddd mood. you dont need this hippies negativity.

mucho agape,


peace, love, smiles :)


Krosemarie said...

Awww thanks so much for your comment :DDD Thats so cool that your homeschooled :D I was homeschooled until seventh grade now I'm in public school :P

thanks :D God bless you!


Amie said...

Yay for Dylan!!