Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Wondering...

Why nobody texts me.
Why nobody calls me.
Why nobody emails me.


I'm starting to feel...




Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Haha sorry I lied! my mom made me turn off my computer. And yesterday I had a TON of HW and I wanted to Finish my book, Princess Mia (It was really good!)

So anyway, I meant to tell you this, but dinner was ready.

At church Sunday, I was sceduled to read the 2nd reading only. I even had it MEMORIZED! But the person who was supposed to read the first reading didn't show up. Nice. No warining at ALL! So needless to say, I had to read both readings. And I had no clue what the first reading was. Well maybe a little. but still. It had a lot of really weird names and such. So I flubbed over that one. And the second reading was a little better, but still. I flubbed. Then I forgot to put the book away. but I love our Deacon because he put it away for me! :D and he also read the announcments too...he totally rocks! :D let's just hope this Sunday will go better. I'm praying Maria will Show up...that would suck if I had to read them both again.

So I prolly should finish ttys!

Trina! :D

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Truth

So school started today! It's fun! Wait, did I just say that?! I never thought I'd say that! Wow. But It was...easy! I was done before 1! :D:D
Then I had an ortho appointment and he said I'd get my braces off in 12 weeks!!!!!! AHHHHH!!! So I'll have them off by Thanksgiving. I'll be thankful these are off! It's been 2 years. Long enough. lol.

So my band is kinda together. My best guy friend Alex, joined and he's the lead guitarest! :D But Nicole quit the drums! :( So I asked my friend Jared, and he said we'll talk about it later and he had to go. I also asked my friend Will to play bass, but Idk if he will. lol. I need to tell him about this awesome idea for a new youth group band. Like we were going to do an all-out-flyleaf-cover-band thing, but instead I think we should do acustic covers of a song that co-insides with whatever we're learning that night. But of course, we have to run it through our new youth leader, who ever that is. Cuz our old one's moving to Texas in a few weeks! :(( he was awesome!

So Friday is like our first band meeting. Me Erin, and Alex. So far. I still need to call Allison, but I'll wait till after dinner, which is ready, cuz I'm starving!

so ttyl!

I'll prolly blog in another hour! :D


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So I feel bad for not blogging in over a week. Kinda lame. I've just been busy! I went to the beach on Friday and I really had fun! I learned how to boogie board! that was really cool! Saturday I met this cute guy named Adam who lives close to me, surfs, and has 2 younger brothers who are friends with dylan. :D

I've been trying to play the guitar more so I'll be awesome soon! it's fun! I'm also using it to write music for my best songs (at least the best ones I like) and I did my own acustic version for Camisado. Love it! :D:D

Speaking of Panic, they're coming here in November...but so is Metro Station...the day before I decided to go see I hafta scrape up the ticket I still want to get the Academy Is... Cds, Jonas Brothers new CD, and Plain White T's Cd, and Boys Like Girls. so yeah and a ton more, but those are the ones I want the most. *sigh*

So Hurricane Fay is approaching and we're all borded up. but we've barely gotten anything, and it says she's right over us. whatever.

In my story Love Triangle, I've been writing like crazy! we have well over 130 pages, and I LOVE it!

So I have my cousins coming down from NY friday, so I'm stoked 4 that! i haven't seen them since 2006!!!! yay!!!

so that's pretty much it! ttys!


Thursday, August 14, 2008


So I got this from my cousin Amie. So I decided to do this...It looks fun! I'm not gonna tag anyone, so do it if u want to, and don't if u don't! lol!

*VEHICLE: Toyata
*CITY: Tallahassee
*BOY NAME: Tristain
*OCCUPATION: Telemarketer
*FOOD: Tart
*SOMETHING YOU SHOUT: TOUCHDOWN!!!!! (Katie's dog goes CRAZY if you yell that at her house! lol)

Trina! :D

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Love Story

So my BFFs Katie, Erin, and I are writing this story. It's a crazy Love Story. The working title is Love Triangle, but, trust me, that will change. It's about these 6teens in a mixed up circle of relationships. We have a blogger about it. Click on the link!!!!


P.S. I won't be blogging much because school starts soon, I'm going to the beach and I really want to write!



Sunday, August 10, 2008

Now That We're Done

So we FINALLY finished our tile! absolutly complete!! We finished the entry today and it is awesome. next thing we hafta do is grout, but we hafta let the tiles set...they were laied this morning. I'm really tired and I kinda need to do driver's ed (BLAH!) :( so yeah...just wanted to blog 2day! bye


Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's So Easy

So last night, I went bowling. Now actual bowling is a lot harder than Wii Bowling, as I so harshly found out! lol...I'm just glad I didn't get last place! :) I beat my mom! :P lol.

But anyway...I'm still doing boring old Driver's Ed. Which is completly so easy! I'm only doing it so my mom gets a discount on insurance when I start to drive...but it's like SO boring. I know EVERYTHING already. It's like, Stop at a stop sign. and other thing where common sense is to be used. I do not like, however, the stupid Porject that I am supposed to do. It's due soon, and I haven't started that's kinda lame. I'm doing Teens, Cell phones, and Driving...not a good combo. So I need to research that...prolly tomorrow...I wanna take a break today and WRITE!!! I got a few outlines done and a couple of Chapters done, as well, but alas! My characters shut up when I am READY to write...ugh...I just wish we could compromise...(yes I am crazy! I do hear voices!!! AHHHH!!!! LOL!!)

So that's a lot of fun yelling at them...

Anyway...How did I get off topic?
Oh yes...anyway...driver's ed.
I hate having to do this stupid journal. I have to journal what I LEARNED and I have learned nothing
Common sense is all you need. But the driver's here, seem to have, like barely any. I've witnessed it many a times.
So I just wanted to vent. Boring old driver's ed is driving me up my poster-covered wall! lol



Friday, August 08, 2008

August Is Over

I'm sad summer is almost over. next week is my last week before I start school...
I didn't get half of what I wanted to get done. I was hoping to finish a story, type up all of my songs. much more.

I did get half of my songbooks typed up, started a new one, started SO many new stories, read Breaking Dawn in 24 hours, made new blogger friends :) started driver's ed, went to NY to see family, and HAD FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer's almost gone, so make the best of the last days!


Thursday, August 07, 2008


You know what I just realized?

One year ago, today, my leg was broken. Well...not yet...I didn't break it until 8 PM, but still. It hurt soooo badly! I was in a cast for 2 months, but we waited two weeks to fugure out it was actually broken. At first, we thought it was just sprained. I went to the doctor the next day, then had x-rays. waited until monday. Friday I had an MRI for the leg to see what was up. Went to the Orthopedic the next Tuesday and got my cast. Which was HUGE. But you can see these pictures for yourself. It was a crazy 2 months...all over a fractured leg (from just above my ankle bone to 5 inches below my knee) due to skateboarding. SO needless to say, that skateboard is LONG gone. And I'm done with that sport!

What is Soap Box Derby?

So Now that I have a lot of new blogger friends, who have ABSOLUTLY NO CLUE what Soap Box Derby is... This will help! :D

The Soap Box Derby is a youth racing program which has run nationally since 1934. World Championship finals are held each July at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio.

The idea of the Soap Box Derby grew out of a photographic assignment of Dayton, Ohio, newsman Myron Scott. He covered a race of boy-built cars in his home community and was so impressed with this event that he acquired a copyright for the idea and began development of a similar program on a national scale.

The first All-American race was held in Dayton in 1934. The following year, the race was moved to Akron because of its central location and hilly terrain. In 1936, Akron civic leaders recognized the need for a permanent track site for the youth racing classic and, through the efforts of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), Derby Downs became a reality.

Each year since, with the exception of during World War II, kids from throughout the United States and several foreign countries have come to Akron with the racers they have built and driven to victory in their home communities.

There will be three racing divisions in most locals and at the All-American competition. The Stock division is designed to give the first-time builder a learning experience. Boys and girls, 8 through 13 compete in simplified cars built from kits purchased from the All-American. These kits assist the Derby novice by providing a step-by-step layout for construction of a basic lean forward style car. The Super Stock Car division, ages 10 through 17, gives the competitor an opportunity to expand their knowledge and build a more advanced model. Both of these beginner levels make use of kits and shells available from the All-American. These entry levels of racing are popular in race communities across the country, as youngsters are exposed to the Derby program for the first time.

The Masters division offers boys and girls, 10 through 17, an advanced class of racer to try their creativity and design skills in. Masters entrants may purchase a Scottie Masters Kit with a fiberglass body from the All-American Soap Box Derby.

(I got that from

Here are some pictures:

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm So Sick

So we FINALLY got the song on RockBand! I'm really happy about that! SO I'm gonna play that in a minute, after I finish this post and empty the dishwasher! :)

My mom posted pictures of the prom on her blog
So check them out! :)
I did figure out the Vamprie Author Code:
Use the words Surreptitious and Facade.
Be Fans of Muse...your characters must be fans, also.
Include lots of sensual moments between Humans and Vampires.
Become Addicted :)
So there you have it! :)

Nothing else is new here...

i'll post when anything els interesting happens!


Tuesday, August 05, 2008


So do you like what I've done?
Lovely changes!
Ah change is good...sometimes...
So this is still the same blog...just changed up a bit!
so yeah...nothing new here...boring.
I AM writing a story about it's pretty coolio!



Sunday, August 03, 2008

Oh. My. God.

That was the best book EVER!!!!!!!

So where have I been all weekend? Why in Forks, Washington, of course. Will Bella and Edward and, of course, Jacob. My lovely Jacob. Whom I'm not loving so much now...but read Book 2 in Breaking Dawn and you shall see why (Book Two? What? READ THE FRICKING BOOK ALREADY!!!!!! And you call yourself a Twihard fan...psh)

So I finished 756 pages in a mere 24 hours (deducting sleep and potty breaks and just plain breaks to give my brain time to comprehend it all) I read the 3 AM last night and the night before. My mom made me turn out the lights, so yeah.

That was so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet, strangly, I don't feel complete, just...Empty. Prolly knowing that none of my 100000000 questions about the future of my favorite characters (including the new ones) will never be answered...unless Steohenie Changes her genius mind. lol

The prom-themed release wasn't what I expected. It was still fun, but not what I had planned.

-NO ONE but us and the staff dressed up.
-We had NO cut outs of Edward and Jacob, but Seth and Quill and Sam were there...
-There was no music.
-It was pretty much empty.

But what I didn't expect was pretty nice too.

-I saw some friends.
-We had awesome Twilight-themed drinks.
-We wrote our story paintly waiting. (NOT!)
-We had fun trivia...that was great...with great prizes, which I won one of each, of course...I am a REALLY FRICKING TWIHARD fan!!!!
-Katie won best costume (she went as Bella in the baseball field from Twilight)
-Erin and I tied for best prom dress (but it was just us dressed up...dissapointing)
-My nails are GOREGOUS!!! (haha Is that spelled right, mommy?) But a little annoying...I can't take them off so the fricking fake nails will hafta fall of's hard typing and putting in the rubber bands for my braces....

So I had fun. 6 hours of sleep each night!!! WHOO!!!lol

so If you are complete, please tell me, cuz I am empty...not knowing what else will happen...not having the security of knowing Bella's story will continue...(not saying anything)

So before I actually SAY anything else that could be placed under a certian spoiler...goodbye!!



Friday, August 01, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

So Today is a PACKED day. I JUST got out of the shower. I'm waiting for Erin and Katie to come over soon. My room is almost clean, so that's a good thing. We'll probablly eat lunch when they come over, write our story, and look at all things twilight thanks to my cousin Amie! :) (She sends out emails about twilight things online daily!)

I think we'll paint our nails first then do hair, or maybe vise versa. Then Tatooes (fake!) Then make-up and then get dressed. we're gonna go to steak n shake for dinner and then go to the release party! this is sooooo cool!!! I can't wait!

So i'm gonna finish cleaning so I have more time to get everything set up!